Special correspondent Shen Qingfeng Guardiola, the disciples were still faithful to their style of football at Stamford Bridge, Barcelona (microblogging) and Guardiola before warned the situation encountered in 2009Real Madrid Jersey Away is more difficult. Luck or Chelsea (microblogging), tenacious or short, Barcelona is in any case can not overthrow the walls of the ball in front of Stamford Bridge, Barcelona ultimately lost the away game 1. Looking back, Barcelona has six games, failed to beat Chelsea, although red and blue army has eliminated Chelsea in this process. In the last six games contest with Chelsea, Barcelona's poor record, and only four draws and 2 losses. Beat 2 to 1 score at Stamford Bridge on February 21, 2006, Barcelona never knocked down over the Blues.

Guardiola as Barcelona coach has been nearly four years, Real Madrid Jersey Home the "Dream Team" is one hot topic in La Liga (microblogging), Europe and even the whole world. Showdown Real Madrid Jersey Wholesale with Barcelona team, only one did not lose to the "Dream Team", the team is Chelsea. So far, Guardiola Team a total of three times and Chelsea played against the red and blue army has never tasted the taste of victory.

But broke the national derby against Barcelona is a big plus is that, despite Chelsea's metal matrix Guardiola not always get the solution to the problem, but Real Madrid (microblogging), Barcelona has almost touch first win. Guardiola the Barcelona coach, red and blue army and Real Madrid, a total of battle more than 14 games, Barcelona's record for an overwhelming nine wins, four draws and one loss. In the Primera Liga, Barcelona in seven games Derby wins and a draw, many of them large margin of 5 to 0,6 to 2 and the like. Real Madrid wins and a draw last season in the Champions League semi-final, Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLionel Messi at the Bernabeu scored twice. In the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona Real Madrid 1 win 1 draw, Messi scored three goals and assists twice. The King's Cup, Barcelona Real Madrid 1 win 1 draw 1 loss. Barcelona is the only time to lose, or negative reading in the King's Cup final in overtime last season, Guardiola the team never lost within 90 minutes, the sworn enemy.

Barcelona and Lionel Messi. Defensive Messi is a global problem, but Chelsea has done an extreme: since the debut, Macy has played seven games against Chelsea Champions League clash opponent, but so far the Blues goal of zero ! This time at Stamford Bridge, Massey rely on pulling his teammates created some empty when, but he did not get any good scoring chances, the season scoring exceeded 60, he still did not score at Stamford Bridge.

However, Real Madrid can not dare to look down upon Massey, you know, Messi is the active duty Barcelona and Real Madrid players of both teams, the players of the National Derby goal, Casey had a total of 13 Argentine ripped through the door. Door to Macy's in the league eight times to break Real Madrid's hat-trick of the 2006-2007 season at the Nou Camp, Real Madrid for the first time to experience his power and prestige. Spanish Super Cup this season, Messi two rounds into the Real Madrid 3 goals, abruptly destroyed Mourinho's Champions dream. Champions League goals from last season semi-final at the Bernabeu two fatal blow

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